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You are the one who needs to get the money togetherOnce again you are left to deal with your life as usual while your brother takes care of the rest of it. You decide that since you arent about to let the cops bother you anymore you are going to have to get the money together. The only thing you really have to your name is the clothes you are wearing now and even then you are getting a little old for those. For that reason the best idea you have is to get a job at one of those beauty supply stores in the city. You remember going there when you were younger with your mom and the idea of putting on make up and having your makeup done and then using that same type of service later to try and earn some spare change seems like a pretty good idea. You go to the Beauty Supply store nearest to your apartment building. You wait until after getting the job and then make the purchaseYou spend a large portion of the day at the beauty supply store and you arent doing so poorly. You even get the job, but you are kind of disappointed that you arent actually making any money. 25 for doing your make up and you take it. It isnt enough to live on for long, but you need to get some of that extra cash for food and gas so it is better than nothing. After you are done with your make up you go to the gas station and hope to find something to fill up the car with. 95, but you decide to take them because you cant afford to get a gas receipt for your car. You drive home at a good clip, but you still arent making any money. You are still going to have to walk or ride the bus. Before you go anywhere you decide if it has been a few days or a few weeks since you have eaten the last time you were out to do some house cleaning. You are going to have to cook a little for dinner since eating out doesnt really appeal to you anymore. You remember at one time you would have been able to do it, but that was before you got the job at the beauty supply store. You dont remember what your mom used to do for a living, but you assume that she had some type of job in the beauty industry. As you head to your mothers room and open up the first of many boxes of stuff you have to put away for the next day, you remember back in the day when your mom would give you some of her stuff when she thought you were really sick and had to have it. You never got sick, but now that you think back on it you feel like you SHOULD have been getting some of that stuff from her, maybe it would have helped you out when you needed it the most.

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