Sometimes the most terrifying things come in beautiful packages…

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The dark brown hair of the girl before you is very long and wild, hanging down her back. Her lips are puffy and her eyes tear in a wide grin, which her thick, bushy eyebrows provide. It is good to finally meet you, she says brightly, with a small smile in her eyes. She lifts herself up from below the table, and takes a seat at the far end on a chair. You think for a moment, and reply, Why are you doing this. But then I figured there was more to life and what not, and its actually amazing that Im alive right now. And after you bought me dinner, I figured, why not. Its not about the money, you repeat, and hold them both in silence as you stare in the center of the dining room. Ill give you the money, or you give me the money. The girl looks at you, and then back at the check. See you later, okay, you say. I will, if you help bring peace in my homeland. You stand up and walk away from the table, walking outside and into the center of the town and back to where you were before. There is more light this dusk than the day before, and you can see the black clouds looming overhead, and the blue sky above them. You look over at Ruby, still sitting at the table with her head bowed, and nod. Ill help you bring peace in your homeland, you say. You tell her to let her goRuby sits back down at the table and looks at you. I cant let you go, she says, her dark brown eyes staring at your own. Youve never just explained this to me before. Youre special, Ruby says, and then looks at the sky as if shes trying to figure something out. Youre special because youre like my uncle. Youre so much older than me. I dont know why, but Ive always just.

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