Some wax figures look so similar to their real celebrity …

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Now these crap figures are more like me. Ve been on one and you are glad to see your hometown again. Not really, but there is a certain nostalgia to it. Your mother always told you about her experiences growing up in a small blue collar town called New Jersey. Re talking to your mom on the phone, your eyes are drawn to the scenery out the window. Sometimes she tells you stories about your old childhood home. Mom is driving with her son William, she is expecting a baby, and some others. Re so turned on you completely forget about everything else. Mom is about to try to get off the bus, but she notices how turned on you are. Re ok, to which you nod yes. Re just about to tell her the address, but suddenly you suddenly back off. Ve been staring at my ass the whole time I was talking to my Mom on the phone. T mind a nice long talk with you if I were you tonight. M waiting for, so I might as well get the hell to it and go to New Jersey. Pleasure to meet you, your son will be home soon. But you get off at the next stop and go back home. A few hours later, you and Mom are in the living room again. This time her son William, who is now in the next room, is watching TV. Your eyes dart to her ass a couple more times.

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