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Most of the people in your list were born in the state of Michigan, in fact the largest number of people in the state of Michigan is present in that list. You continueAt the time that you made that list, about 4 years ago you probably thought that you were just giving you the names as a joke that you could look at to see what state people were from. What you didnt realize however, if you just thought about it, is that you were creating a national movement with your list. You were doing something that no one else was doing and that is to list celebrities born in Michigan. You were creating a page full of information that would help people learn more about Michigan and about the celebrities that they are, or they want to be. Born in MichiganThe list goes on, but you get the point: you were creating a page where people could find out more about Michigan. When these Michigan page traffic numbers first started coming in, you assumed that people were just seeing the number and just reading the name of the state and that there wasnt much of an emotional attachment to the individuals on these lists. However, youve found that people REALLY care about these people, even if they dont know the full story about them. So much so that they will spend endless amounts of time and energy reading about, researching, researching about these people. In fact, you get more Google traffic from people searching for the state of Michigan than you do from searches about your own home state of New York. So, even if you didnt want any of this, you owe it to yourself to help yourself and to help these people, because this is something that you feel that you must do and you know that youre going to end up regretting it if you dont. So, in honor of the fact that these people matter to you, heres a list of celebrities born in Michigan:This list is not a complete list. Some of the people on this list are celebrities that have no links to Michigan, and others are celebrities that dont appear to have any link to Michigan. Youll need to do a bit of research on each celebrity.

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