Some of our favorite celebrities have been botched by photoshop, and …

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Im not even sure why I want to know how I look. Because I want to be like you, you know what I mean. I was just saying a girl like you probably would take care of herself and not just go online and see other peoples naked photographs. I was just saying this was a good way for her to see other peoples bodies. She probably has her own ideas about what constitutes a real body. I mean I do see a lot of people wearing glasses and wearing hats and wearing hats and wearing hats in these photographs. I mean I see a lot of people with big breasts and. Well I know theyre wearing bras and underwear and stuff. But I just cant tell, because you know, you cant see whats going on underneath if youre not looking close enough. Its like they put something on top of them. Like a bra or a thong or something, you know. Its like they have something else on underneath, but you dont see it because your eyes are looking at it from the side. But I still dont see any cleavage in any of them. Yeah, well some people put a bra on their boobs so that they dont show too much cleavage in the first place, or just to hold it up a bit. Anyway, anyway, Im not going to pretend like I know everything thats going on over on the other side. Im just saying, maybe you could put on this bra and panties. And Im going to have to take off my clothes if you want to see what I look like without anything on underneath. And besides, I think you could do me a lot better than that. You say Well how about you take off that shirt of mine. Well, because Im not wearing one. Its just that Im not used to these kind of views and Im not sure how I feel about it yet. You say Maybe we could do something else, huh. Well for instance, I have a lot of old photographs of a lot of places. I dont want to take the chance of getting a picture of a woman who doesnt know what shes looking at. And you could take some photos of me if you really want to. I mean maybe then we could go.

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