Some actually lasted a long time, and they would give …

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I mean, I cant imagine any of them actually doing anything with some random girl they meet on a bus or train. Maybe they are all just playing the part of the innocent, nice person, and secretly plotting to have an affair to get the attention of their one and only love. T willing to do it out in the open like you did before. The man says as he taps his fingers on the table. Look, I know you had an open relationship for a long time, for your own personal reasons. In fact, you were so open that you even admitted on national television how you met. Re still trying to maintain your image as a nice person. T really feel any feelings for her. M not very good at reading the signs. M not going to go on with this charade anymore. He walks out of your office, closing the door on you as quickly as he can. You stand there for several moments in silence, letting the silence stretch on for what seems to be an eternity, but in reality is only a few seconds. You leave the church with your head held high and a heavy heart. You head home, and continue to think about what the man had said.

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