So, are you a Chuck Norris or a Kid Rock voter…

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Donald Trump is still the only one you can vote for and the only one you really trust, since hes the only one standing up against the elite and their plans to bring your country down, which you believe started with the 911 attacks. Plus, your parents still live in the same complex that you and your brother grew up in, so you think it would be silly for them to leave one day and youre not exactly willing to live on the road either when you have nothing to do with your siblings anymore. Theres also the possibility that you could get some sort of free apartment if you were willing to sell your house, but youre not willing to do that either since its your home, and you think it would be best to keep it that way. So while theres always the possibility you could move to Queens or a different part of the city that youre more familiar with, youre sticking with the area where you are right now, mostly because you think itll be safer and you feel more at home there. So once again, you sit alone in your kitchen pondering your decision. Its been a year since you moved in here and youve never felt more at peace in your life. The only things that ever brought you down were when your landlord decided to fix the fridge in an ugly way that made it seem like it was made out of a squashed frogs head. You stay in the apartmentYou decide that staying at home for a while probably isnt the best idea, especially since youre not exactly sure how to tell your mom whats going on. Not to mention you cant exactly stay in your room all day because you still have to be there during the early morning and night shifts. Maybe itd be best if you just stayed at home for a little while longer and figure out what youre going to do later on. You do your usual daily routine of cleaning and cooking up a bit, and while youre putting up your last of that old food on a shelf, you decide that even though its only been a year since youve been living here, theres really been no big changes at all. Theres been a lot of things that have changed though. Its been a year since youve moved in here and you feel much different from how you used to, at least in regard to your body. You dont think youve ever felt so. Empty before, but looking at your own reflection in the mirror you find that you dont have it in you anymore to even move around or even take a shower. You just dont feel right anymore.

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