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The rest of the day is a blur and youre still trying to process all of this, but you do take this opportunity to call your grandma and tell her what happened while you finish your drink at Lard Lad. Youre tired after all this going on and you decide to fall asleep, but thats another thing you have to figure out. The next day, you decide to try and make a few calls to find out if anything else is going on, but the line goes dead. You have no idea what that could mean, but youre going to get some rest and wake up to figure out what the hell is going on. You spend the rest of the evening on the phone trying to contact your contacts and see what else is going on, including trying to call your sister, but youre not connected to anyone. Youre so tired and you dont want to stay up, so you end up going back to Lard Lad just to get a few more drinks and try to get some sleep. You wake up an hour before sunrise and make your way back to Lard Lad to pick up some more drinks. Your trip back is less of a pleasant one. You keep getting stopped at the door by security guards, who dont seem too happy to see you. You feel like youre being watched, like youre being followed. You even get stopped while youre trying to leave the bar; youve never been in a situation like this before. Youre not sure what you should do; you cant trust anyone, so if theyre being nosy, youre going to turn it around and run. Your grandmother always advised you to do that when you were little, so maybe right this moment you should listen to her. You have a decision to make and you really need to get to Florida. You runYou decide this is your last chance to get to Florida, because theres no way youre going to stay in the bars in Fort Myers after all this is said and done.

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