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TwitterGet the latest from TODAY Sign up for our newsletterThis is the story of how one mans lifelong love for a beautiful, mysterious creature shaped his entire life. David Paulides was born in Brooklyn, but he grew up in Florida. He says even as a child he had a deep connection with alligators. One day, he spotted an alligator swimming near the beach and decided he wanted to ride in one. When I saw it, it was like a big ball of sunshine and I had a feeling that I couldnt get out of it, he told TODAYs Natalie Morales. Like millions of others after seeing that, he tried to catch one. It had been in the water so long that its skin was flaky, so I used a pail to scoop it up. David PaulidesPaulides didnt know what alligators looked like, but he knew he had to try to capture one. He said it was one of the single most magical and emotional moments of his life. Two years later, he was still swimming in alligators, and he continued trying to catch them for a living. I think I caught more than 40 alligators in my lifetime, he said, who eventually got so busy that he was selling the animals as pets. He also started doing the same thing hed been doing for years, which is looking for alligator skulls that people had buried in their backyards. I had all the help I wanted, he said. Eventually, he made it to Alabama, and he never looked back, and now his career with alligator skulls is his main career. David PaulidesI never set out to do it as a career. It kind of just kind of happened, he said. But for most people who get their start in the profession, its a new experience and a new place to live. David PaulidesPaulides wife, Tanya, helps him catch alligators and she keeps a map of all the parks and lakes he has to visit. She also helps him get alligators out of trouble. I had a friend who caught an alligator in a gator-proof bag and put it in his basement. Were going to get that alligator, said Paulides. So we did and we chased it out of his basement and up the stairs. He came out and he started cursing like a sailor and the hell out of me.

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