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In anyThe article goes on to mention that one cant help but to assume that Madonna may have some sort of STD. I find this article very worrying, because I have heard her speak many times about her faith and her beliefs on God and how she doesnt have a relationship with Him anymore, but I also know that she does have a faith and that has been the thing that is keeping her focused on, and also has kept her from becoming a completely decadent woman in her free time. I mean she is still very good to people that she cares about. Even in this article she mentions God and his love for her, which is certainly a good thing. It is a strange thing that someone with such a strong faith would still have such a lifestyle. I could never understand how people could take something out of a magazine like this, and then twist it in such a way and think that you had to be joking. So I am hoping that you guys can do something that will help me. I dont really have any other ideas, but I am sure you can come up with some ideas. Thanks,-Cyrus, The InternetCyrus looks at you over the computer screen, which now displays the address of the National Inquirers home page, which looks like this: Cyrus types in this address, which redirects to an online version of the Inquirer, but now titled Bizarre: Celebrity Sex Scandals. This page doesnt seem too interesting, but it displays several stories about the celebrities in question, ranging from the innocuous, Madonna and Guy Richie have been having marital problems, to the shocking, Biggie Smalls ex-girlfriend, Jada Pinkett Smith, tells the National Enquirer that B. S current wife Whitney Houston was a drug dealer who often sold cocaine and was one of the reasons why B. Cyrus types in the address of the National Inquirers story and hits the return key, to see if it will load. You go to the original storyCyrus types in the address of the National Inquirer story again. He hits the return key again, but it doesnt load any further. Cyrus hits the backspace key, but doesnt find any story from the story he had previously clicked on. Cyrus types in the address of the National Inquirers story once more, as if hoping that he will somehow get a blank screen. The page you were just on now displays a Back button. Clicking it, Cyrus receives the following message:No load screen, as you would expect.

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