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Youd hate for a zombie to drink some of this zombie juice and find their face to be covered with a bright-green goo. Zombie Juice contains the following ingredients:, In no particular order, The U. Senate passed a measure to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood on Friday and President Obama announced the move in an attempt to pressure pro-life lawmakers to back off of their opposition to federal funds going to the womens health organization. But GOP senators and even the President are now saying it was never their intent to block federal dollars from Planned Parenthood. My intention was never to go down this road, but unfortunately it looks like we are, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said in a statement following the vote to defund Planned Parenthood. My intention is to protect innocent life, so I will not vote for this bill as it is currently written. But Paul added that he wanted to take the Presidents comments on the matter to heart. My hope is that all of us can agree that these gruesome videos showing the harvesting of human organs and bodily tissue by Planned Parenthood should spark an immediate national conversation about a womans right to choose, not government censorship, he said. Susan Collins of Maine also issued a statement following the vote saying the videos that made their way to the media have made an important contribution. To ensuring that Congress defunds Planned Parenthood in its current form. The videos, which were shown last summer and have not been independently verified, were released by the Center for Medical Progress. The GOP-controlled Congress passed a measure in July that would cut off federal funds from the organization, and it was set to come up for a final vote for the year on Friday. The group has said it does not sell the body parts of aborted fetuses or even reimburse researchers for their use through its affiliates, though it does help the researchers who want to conduct research on fetuses. Democratic senators have argued that the organization should have been more forthright about what it was doing legally and that the decision to make such videos was motivated by political views. The Senate could still act before the end of the year to avoid cutting off all federal funding. As I have said consistently, I support defunding Planned Parenthood, President Obama said in his statement in support of the bill. But Im strongly opposed to cutting off taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood clinics just because they provide womens health care. This is simply not something that should be part of our budget puzzle. Were going to be making some changes to the website. As part of this were going to be getting rid of some features. Well let you know whats going to be taking place, but some.

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