Slim Apple shaped celebrities include Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks and even Catherine Zeta-…

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Apple shaped celebrities are always attractive, but can go too far. Apple shaped women can be dreadfully shady. Apple shaped women are usually embarrassed about their curves. Wink and Pout have created their own brand and product line called Apple Shape and they believe you can feel good about choosing it. Image: NPL, Nanotechnology could one day make it possible to create tiny, custom-made tools, which could in turn be used for everything from drilling holes in rock to exploring the inner workings of Earth itself. One of the most promising areas is the creation of microscopic devices that can do things like test materials or measure the intensity of light waves. Now, a team led by researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has developed a new kind of tip made of a molecular material that can be used to create such tiny devices with the precision of a nanoscale. Such tips could one day be used to create everything from tiny probes to tiny sensors. The research teams work is being published today in the journal Nature Communications. Weve really come a long way from our earlier attempts at creating small molecular probes using gold nanoparticles, which failed to deliver a positive result, said Daniel Schulster, a senior research scientist in the Materials Research Science and Engineering Unit at the NREL. This is not to say that gold is no longer interesting, but it was.

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