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You decided to join theThe sun had set. She woke and put her hand to her forehead, trying to push the dreams out of her head. I should be getting home soon, but Im really tired, she mumbled. Well Im going to go get some sleep too, you say. You kiss her on the cheek and head downstairs. You cant believe you missed your ride this morning. Its been soooo long since you slept on a proper hard seat. You finally see your Dad outside on his front lawn. He has a tall pole stuck up in the air with a sign taped to the side of it. He leads you up and down the pole like youve done so many times before. His face makes a number of grimaces as he tells you about all of his adventures, the best places to eat in the town, his favorite places to eat as a child growing up, when he first got his drivers license, and so on. Eventually you reach the top and the pole drops into the lawn so that you can take a nice long breath and rest your weary head on the pole. Your Dad pulls his motorcycle helmet over his head and sits on the handlebars. Tomorrow is the day, but you shouldnt ride too hard today. You turn your head and catch a glimpse of Phillips face. Her mouth dropped open in shock, her hand going up in the air. Your Dad smiles at her and turns back to the road ahead. You turn your head again, this time to see Phillips face reflected in the sun. In the past week, weve seen a lot of news regarding the proposed changes to the law and the proposed changes to the regulation of prostitution in Victoria. The NSW Attorney General is set to present the governments draft Prostitution Reform Bill that would make the trade legal, but only under strict regulation. The NSW Liberals are also reportedly considering their own Prostitution Reform Bill, which would make the trade legal as well, but only within specific licensed brothels and not in public. The proposal to legalise all sexual acts between consenting adults in the privacy of the bedroom is, to say the least, controversial.

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