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You awake late in the morning and make your way over to your own room to see what the fuss is about. You dont go outAs youre mulling this over in your mind, one of the maids comes running in with more than a few complaints. Tchikovsky will not let the guests out of their sight except to dress for the ball. They wont allow us even to open the doors when they come in. I beg of you, please dont send them. Its all right, were sending them anyway. Youre the ones that should be doing this, not me. The maid is crying and shes making herself very conspicuous by begging you to reconsider and even telling you some of the songs she wants to dance to, but its a hopeless situation. You cant let her cry, and you dont want to be that person to let her cry. Its not like you dont want to be dancing, but the other maids need to come with her anyway. Besides, you need to focus on todays task. So you go to a nearby room to do your own thing for a few minutes before deciding to be magnanimous, which comes easy to you. Just go to the second floor or whatever and take all the music you want. You tell the maid while walking back. I want to play all my music on my birthday. She says while wiping away some tears. You dont need to do anything special. Well just take everything you need. I will do anything, just do what you said. You cant force yourself to give her what she wants, so you walk her to the rooms to make her happy. Well, Im glad youre not dealing with it, Im just getting myself ready and then Ill head back as soon as I can, okay. You grab your bags on your way to the other rooms and youre done with both parties by the time you finish.

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