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You are lying in the dimly lit, cold basement of the old farmhouse, in the small bathroom you call home, which you have decided to call home because its more comfortable to you than your parents. Your eyes open as the cold air blows in. You groggily take in a quick breath, but you dont fall back asleep right away. You feel your phone vibrate beside you. You take your phone and quickly dial the number youve received. You dont want your parents hearing you snoozing. I want to see you now, the voice replies. Because youre not asleep, youre awake, the voice says. You want to say no, but you remember what happened last time. You were able to convince your parents to let you stay the night at their house. The phone rings a few more times, but you dont pick it up. You sit up and pull it out of your bag. But you could really use a shower right now. We got your message from the coffee shop, your Dad says. As your Mom hangs up, your Dad looks at you. Im not going to go back to the coffee shop, you say. Well, Im sorry to hear that, but we cant force you, your Dad says. Dad, your parents are pressuring me, you say. Its not going to make its-Lets go to the coffee shop first, you say.

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