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You dont open it upThere is nothing in here. Besides, you cant be bothered to open up a glass object that might contain some sort of weird magical energy. In any case, you hear a thump and the glass door opens. You see an old man with a cane that looks broken, dressed in a grey robe and holding a staff. You were a fighter in my battles some years ago. You seem to have become a very skilled warrior recently. He pauses and looks you up and down, before speaking again. I am Schenectady; I am your guide from here to the castle. Well, I hope my words reach you. And Im sure the rest of the soldiers are hoping the same thing. I suggest that you take some rest yourself. I trust you will be able to handle the castle well on your return journey. You thank the old manYou thank the old man and he smiles back. Your guide leads you back to the carriage and says good-bye. You are so tired you can barely walk. And yet, you have all this weird power over the carriage. The carriage moves out of the gate and the ride is long and bumpy. It takes you through what seems to be country lanes: fields, meadows, trees. But then you see the castle ahead of you. You can see the top of a tower on top somewhere. All of a sudden you hear a voice in your head.

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