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You will take a picture with Sleeping BeautySleeping beauty youll take a picture. Now go on and try and put a stop to me. You dont want to be the one who cant do a picture, do you. You attempt to put up a strong front but in the end you can barely contain your laughter. Youre a silly girl you mutter, a silly girlThe two of you take your leave with your picture taken and soon a carriage pulls up to the front entrance of the cottage. You walk back to the place you had left the bag. You find your bag on the ground near a bench you had just left it. Youre a good girl you say to the bag, Ill take a look. You pick it up, lift it to your eye, and take a look, you find that the contents of it are indeed, a good girl, but not just any good girl, it appears that you are being sold for a small sum of money to a wealthy family of some sort. You are even dressed in a pretty red dress with a small tiara on your head. You take a deep breath and try to control your excitement, then you begin running down the street and try to outpace the carriage that has just left, when suddenly you hear a loud voice from inside the carriage and see a big, fat man with a black hat coming out of it. You run to escape himYou start running towards the noise, but no sooner have you started to run when you feel a shock running all through your body. You are left stumbling along and the carriage is coming towards you, you try your best to avoid it, but the shock is too strong now and you fall down. The carriage driver is now right in front of you and punches the door. No sooner have you dropped down and the driver begins to shout at you. Go to hell you little whore, now get out of my carriage you little whore. You attempt to stand up and start running, but then the driver kicks you out of the carriage, you stand there for a moment in confusion, then you start running as fast you can along the road. You dont have long to run as soon the carriage driver pulls into a house. The man says to himself as he opens the door to see a little girl in a red dress with a tiara on her head.

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