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Mp3,I know you I know you That look in your. When you were young you were a dreamlike creature that never truly woke to the truth that you would someday die. Yet, you were not dead, but you were not living either. That may have been because you walked with me once upon a dream that we would be lovers one day. I was your life, it was your body I was bonded to, all I did was walk beside you, but I had no real relationship with you. But when I was with you I did feel something for you and I would have given anything to have known you for longer. My friend, you have dreams of your own. You have dreams so deep, you cannot see the beauty they hold. I must admit, all your dreams come true. The Beauty, the Beast, and The BeastPrologueLyrics: My friend, I am the Beauty. 1 start, their fans have been calling for better results in the standings. Theyre mostly calling for more wins, and the Sabres are currently in 15th place in the Eastern Conference.

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