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Princess Aurora costume, Princess costume, Princess costume. Princess Aurora costume Aurora costume Aurora costume. Princess Aurora costume Aurora costume,Aurora costume. Princess, You put away the sword and holster it on your back, then walk over to her, trying not to stare at her. Names Tyluv, what the hell are you doing here. Its not a question, Im the one who should know. Youre the Princess of the moon, so Im guessing youve come to help my brother Ariel out of the pits of despair youve both been in. If you want, we can take off our clothes and have some fun on the boat. Id rather not risk that, and as for the boat, well lets be realistic, youre the Princess of a tropical paradise, and Im the Duke of a medieval island. Tyluv chuckles, a sound youve never heard before. Humans are always full of surprises, arent they. But you seem to really enjoy that last bit, dont you. Good, then youre more useful in this situation than the rest of them on this island. What makes you think Ill listen to you in a situation like this. Besides, youre not the only one wholl be trying, remember. Ill tell you wholl be trying, but Ill need your help, you say. This island is in a state of civil war because of a series of failed attempts at a union between the Duke and Queen, and the citizens of Isla Blanca are really getting fed up with it. The Duke wants me to do a civil ceremony to unite our people under my rule, and Im offering the Duke the same deal hes given Ariel. If he succeeds in reuniting the island, Ill put an end to his claim as leader and you can have the throne.

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