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The illustration in your bedsheets isnt of anything Maleficents actually ever done, but rather what is essentially a Maleficent-dragon, because thats what he was drawing in his journal. They might even be a bit too beautiful, in a good way. I have to admit, it does look a bit like her. So what the hell is this dragon doing in bed with a human. Im going to take off my pants and do a dragon. Okay, fine, you say, taking off your clothes. What, you think you can take her. Im not leaving until I have sex with you, Kivan says. You turn your back on him and keep walkingFuck off, you say, as he walks off. Its at this point you realize youve completely fucked up. Youve become the kind of person youre trying to beat. I dont want to be a whore, you say, walking past Kivan. Dont listen to yourself, princess, he says with a laugh. I never was, you say, before remembering an entirely different phrase that you forgot to use again. I dont know what to tell you, you say. Im not listening to yourself, princess, he says. Im sorry, Im very sorry, I cant do this. Well, I suggest you dont do it, he says. You start to say, before you stop yourself. Its a mistake for one simple reason: hes right. Youre not a whore, and you arent weak. It occurs to you, then, that maybe you shouldnt even try. You walk after Kivan, who gives you a friendly.

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