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Klepto Freak Liar Trip B H. That big brownstone, that big brownstone with the big brownstone that you have to sleep in, its all in your head. There are cameras everywhere, like theyre trying to film you in your sleep. You remember just how many you had at my brothers house just before he got killed. You will not be filmed in your sleepYoull wake up before you sleepYou will notForget everything youve ever known. The thing is, you dont actually know how to do it. It takes a little thought, but finally, you do it. The little blonde woman in your room gasps and then looks around. Im sorry, Im sorry, but Im going to do it. I just need the knife, you blurt out, not waiting for an answer. Her face gets a slight contour, then she goes back to glaring and shaking her head. I dont fuck with you, she says, We gotta go. You better not wake up and do that shit. Kevin is still standing there, looking at where her face used to be, and you dont know what to do. You then turn around and run out your front door, closing it behind you. The next day, you get a call from your brother. What the fuck were you doing outside all fuckin night. He sounds a little disappointed to hear it, but hes surprisingly upbeat considering. Have you talked to your sister and gotten her to be quiet. She probably was waiting for me to come home, too. Were going to have her stay at Kevins house for the next few days.

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