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In a brief lull in the shouting, you and the Princess take a moment to stare at each other. After staring with the same intensity, both of your eyes flash a brilliant green as you both laugh. You are on your deathbed, and the Princess is your deathbed. You and her stare at each other, and the Princess begins to smile. And that smile is the last smile you are to give this world. You wake in the castleIn that moment, you look into Princess Auroras eyes, your soul is reunited with your body and your mind is filled with the memories of good and bad times. A long, long time later, you lie on the bed in your castle, with a broken leg and in pain. You know youll need to go to a doctor to fix it, but the pain is too great and you can barely stand. A nurse comes to check on you, and she tells you to sit up straight. Shell call for someone else and shell come get you immediately. Just getting myself up for this, you say. The nurse comes to check on you as well, and she tells you to take a seat. When you sit on the chair by the chair, the nurse calls out to another nurse and she comes to get you immediately. When youre wheeled into the hallway, theres a guard standing with a scolding look on his face. This way, please, he says to keep you secure from harm. You open one of the doors and enter an underground room, with a bed, a wardrobe, a bathroom and a small room that seems to be your bedroom. Youve never been inside your own home before. But you can still remember all the things you loved about your childhood.

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