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Youre a Disney fanatic and this is a dream come true for you. Youre not buying anything, youre an over the moon Disney fanatic, thats all that is. Youve had a lot of fun reading this book and youve enjoyed it, but its not going to change your life for the better. You really dont want to go to the dentist with these things in your mouth, but for now you accept the toothpick in your mouth. You spend the next few minutes getting to know some of the other residents of the castle. Your fellow citizens are friendly and have been friendly to you, but it still wont change your life for the better, youre an over the moon Disney fanatic. You dont want to see them anymore than you want to go to the dentist, but you also realize that its going to make things a whole lot more difficult, its going to be harder to talk to them and it wont be as easy as it wouldve been to make small talk with a couple of random people at the park. Not to mention a lot of these people are probably going to be a little more judgmental and suspicious that youre a weirdo than they are likely to be of you. Suddenly you hear whispering coming from the room over to your right. You slowly walk over to the wall, your eyes are still on the book you were reading, when you hear the childs voice again. Its not like I like him anyway, and he can stay out of my face. He says a few more things that dont really make sense, but you take a minute just to listen to him. He wants me to go to another world to fly, play and live happily with other fairy folk. He wants me to see my people being attacked by a wicked king, who wants to make me his trophy. Ill only go if I do it on my own terms, not his. I cant stay here in this dirty village, with all these nasty people. Im going to fly to the other world where I can live happily with fairy folk. I cant live like a regular fairy, I want to be a fairy queen, Im not a regular fairy, I cant be like a regular queen, I should be so much better. I want to soar and soar in the sky, all the time.

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