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Re a little more open to change and maybe having a different point of view on things will help you with this new position. Johnny smiles and takes your arm and starts leading you to the door. Come on, there are some nice offices upstairs. I think my cousin Tony has said he has a whole bunch of great things to show you, so just take a look around. S a living area, not a basement or similar dark area. Johnny says pointing to a nice looking office. Oh yeah, I remember this one from our last move. This one has better lighting and everything, no pictures on the wall though. T really like the pictures in my last one, but it was okay. Johnny says and opens up an office door to reveal a nice quiet office with a desk and several chairs and a computer monitor. Oh, and I forgot, the lights are also brighter in these rooms. Johnny closes the office door and you both go into the office. You both sit down and look around the office for a little while as you both take in the atmosphere. Johnny gives you a brief look over before answering. Maybe we could negotiate something better.

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