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The most shocking revelation was Kate Winslet wearing a size 14 dress for Titanic. The fashion industry is still obsessed with trying to make every customer a size zero. A size zero is a woman who can wear any number of clothes as long as they are not too tight, or long. In the US the ideal weight for a woman is 125lbs and the ideal height for a woman is 5 feet 9. If you are a size four then you are not fit for the standard Australian womens clothing. There are a million more things that are so wrong about the world. About No LoveThe final song off of The Black Keys fourth studio album El Camino. But instead of sounding like any of the other Keys albums, No Love sounds like a song written by The Offsprings Mark Hoppus. Im not a big fan of the term Sci-Fi. I tend to think its a pejorative word, and for any genre of creative work its a fairly relative term. If youre going to use it, however, I think you need to be using it fairly consistently. But, I do understand the logic and reasoning behind it, so Ill keep that in mind. In any case, were dealing with Sci-Fi here, not Horror or Horror-Fantasy, so lets go with that in this discussion. Now, Im sure I havent gone into any details here that havent been covered in countless other blogs, book reviews and articles, so Ill just list some of the main points. This is, I think, one of the most important points to remember and one of the most easily forgotten. Science-Fiction isnt just about imagining incredible futuristic technology and weaponry. Its about imagining the world and its people and the society they live in. That movie was based on an actual book written in 1895, but the audience is supposed to see it as a sort of fantastic fairy tale, because thats what its intended audience wants it to be. If youre writing a Sci-Fi setting, its important to make sure that the world youve created is believable and believable only insofar as it is similar to what our reality is. If, in fact, its going to have a far more futuristic feel, or even far more like a Wild Wild West, than our reality. Thats not to say you cant go too.

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