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The mans face was distorted by a massive grin at the statement. The man suddenly stopped in his tracks, which suddenly caused the crowd to raise an uproar. My apologies, but I just needed the time to regain myself. Im so glad you liked what I had to offer. A small box, almost like a plastic suitcase was handed to the man who took it. He pulled out a small key and unlocked it. Inside was a small black bottle with a large red cork. I had a lot of trouble finding one of these. He began to open the bottle, which seemed to have been filled with something white. S a lot better than the stuff you made with your old teacher back in the academy. Yes, unfortunately my teacher was a little more adventurous in his methods. Ve let me teach in his class for free. S probably a mixture of anesthetic and muscle relaxant. T think my old professor would have anything to do with something like that. Well anyway, we might as well go. As the man opens up the lid of the bottle, the crowd begins to disperse. The man holds the bottle up to his face and starts wiping his moustache off of his face. My purse is still at the hotel, so I gotta find a way home first. The man looks around and then points at you.

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