Singer and songwriter Barry Gibb talks with Prince Charles, left, during an Investiture …

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PBarry G BILLIARDSBilliards is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Stellenbosch, South Africa living in Cape Town. B albums, but is no longer the leading number one single. The song has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

The Royal family: Britain, 2008-2011, Royal Family, Royal Empire. You can be knighted, but only once, if for no other reason than the fact that it might be hard for you to come back if you were knighted more than once. In a way, it takes away a little from your knightliness. It would be like being a knight but instead of being awarded for killing someone, youre being awarded for saving the life of someone else. In our case, it might be like being a knight in armorWhen you were at Oxford, you were one semester away from being knighted. After graduating you did not want to be knighted again and didnt want anyone getting it out of the blue because you had been knighted a second time, so you did not return as a knight. Yes, but you need to have the support of the monarch to do so. There are some instances where this is possible, such as if the person was involved in some way in the War of the Roses. There are a few different things you need to do. There is no specific ceremony for all of them, but you need to have your actions be recognized. There is little documentation about what you have done, so what you must do is find the paperwork that lists such things in the Royal Archives at Buckingham Palace and take them to the Royal Crypt where you will be given the authorization and documentation. A lot of people dont even know this is possible. You must do your part to let people know what you have done. It may take a long time, but the more people that know the more people that can be congratulated. There is no single method to being knighted, but the more you learn about the subjects youre interested in, the better equipped you will be. I would like to obtain the title of the Knights of the Garter, but I have no idea what this entails. The Knights of the Garter are an elite group of gentlemen who are the highest ranking knights in the land. Their duties include assisting lords in governing their lands and assisting the King and Queen in overseeing the realm. There are other titles, but in reality, anyone who receives any kind.

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