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Results, Character, Description, Analysis and Castings for Silly Girls on. They are silly, pretty, pretty, nice, but have nothing in common. They are pretty, and kind, but have nothing in common. Why arent they like the characters in a childrens book. You make a film about a childrens bookThe movie is just a children who loves to read a childrens book called Silly Girls. So why doesnt it become a childrens book. The characters in the childrens book are so silly and pretty. The villains are just so one-dimensional and villainous and villainous. This is the best story you have ever thought up. You begin to write a story on your diaryNow you will attempt to make a story on your diary. You begin writing about a schoolgirlYou begin to write a story on your diary about a schoolgirl who is an aspiring actress. You start writing the story of Silly GirlsThe story begins like this:No matter what they do, you cant be a pretty girl and a star. The people in Silly Land arent all that bright. They dont realize that they are just playing the role of what happens in a fairy tale. You were only in it in order to eat the carrots and turnips you find in the fields. The people in Silly Land think that the way to get the prince to love them is to act like their prince charming, which does not exist. So they all play roles in order to act as prince charming. They act pretty but have nothing in common with anyone. You were only in the school so that you could eat the cakes and cookies you find on the schoolroom floor. You decide to act like a princessYou had always thought that you would like being a princess, but you were never very good at playing one. When you play the role of a princess, you act like a princess. You werent actually very good in any role.

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