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You click Sign Up and are presented with a long, ugly sign-up form. It makes you feel like youre a robot, maybe even a cyborg. It says the smartest thing you ever did. Its actually from The Brilliant Beauty Store, and on it, you see a picture of a woman who looks vaguely like you, dressed in a little black dress with her hair in a little bun and her face slightly frowning. Shes looking at an expensive looking Chanel handbag. The woman has long blond hair, slightly plumper than you, and is wearing a tight-fitting silk dress with a low neckline that exposes her midriff. Um, yeah, you say, a little taken aback. You look up to see her smiling at you, and your heart flutters in your chest. Your knees almost want to follow your hands. You want to tell her how lucky she is to be able to buy something so beautiful, so special, and so new. Youre trying to come up with something to say to make her happy. T say it was a Chanel bag, you say. She looks out the window as she speaks, and then turns back to you.

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