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The information youll get from the people on this list is 100 confirmed and well informed. Utahs unemployment rate dipped below 5 percent for the first time in more than a year, reflecting a pickup in employers adding jobs in the first half of the year. The Utah Department of Workforce Services on Wednesday said the state economy added 32,300 jobs in the first six months of the year. This was nearly twice as many jobs as the previous year and more than the previous four months combined, the state said. The report marked a significant improvement from the end of 2014 and a drop from last years first-half job growth. After a recession-like slow down in 2012 and early 2013, the state added more than 20,000 jobs each of the next two years. As a result, the Utah unemployment rate held above 6 percent for the first two years of that stretch. The numbers come as the states economy has recovered from a severe recession. The economy has grown about four times as fast under Governor, Gary, Herberts leadership than it has under all other governors who have served this state, said Heather Wilson, executive director of the Utahns for a Better Future political action committee. Utahs job growth rate in the last two years has been faster than the national GDP growth. Utah was one of 27 states the last time Utahs unemployment rate was at or near 5 percent. In this years report, the states unemployment rate was 5. 2 percent, down from a peak of 6 percent in September 2008. 31, Utah had regained all of the jobs lost during the economic downturn. The states unemployment rate has fallen by half since then. Utahs unemployment rate has fallen sharply since 2009, when it was the highest in the nation at 7 percent. Last year, Utah added a net of 25,400 jobs. That represented the most gains in jobs in any one year since 2006. Utahs economy has rebounded as well as its unemployment rate. Utahs unemployment rate dropped from a peak of 6. 8 percent in December of this year, according to the latest data from Utahs Office of Employment Futures. Utahs employment rate improved from January, when the economy lost nearly 1,400 jobs, to January of this year, when the economy added 1,900 jobs.

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