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The whole text feels very generic and as if someone wrote the text for you, so you do not really feel like you have the option to think of anything else. You give upYou have already decided on being a dry cleaner, the only option left for you is to go to the salon, and you will think of something after that. You do not even bother to get out of bed, even if you did feel like you wanted to, the reality is that you should get dressed and hurry to the salon. You quickly get dressed, then you go to the nearest convenience store, and buy a hair clipper and a comb. You are about to leave before the hair salon opens when the idea of a dry cleaning store comes to you. You feel tired and you wonder if you should even try to get yourself into this. But then you also wonder, if you dont go to the salon, you dont even have to use the dry cleaning store, just go into the store after shopping in the salon and you can save your money. You go to the salonYou decide to go to the salon, you will try to get ready as quick as you can. You are pretty sure you are the only one who would want to work here, you know that. Still, the fact that you are not sure that you are right for this place really doesnt help you too much. You go to the salon, which is pretty crowded, and you wait for your turn to go in. After your turn, you see a long row of people waiting, probably for the same thing. You notice a pretty girl with light brown hair and a pale complexion. She looks pretty, with a slim figure that is just perfect for a hair stylist. One of the stylists comes up to you, she immediately makes a lot of comments to you, you could probably understand some of them. You try to explain yourselfI am not here to work, but rather to watch and try to read and listen to you guys talk. She is not sure how to take that, you could tell her that, but the fact that she is not offended by it, you are just guessing. And you know that she probably is a little bit annoyed that you are talking to a stranger like the one that you are. You continue talking to herYou try to read her conversation and try to determine where the situation is at. I am not here to watch, but rather to listen. I could tell you are, but I just do not want to, why. The other girls are talking in your ear, but the owner is not listening to them, so I.

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