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I think youre doing just fine by yourselves. But you know what wouldve been even better. If you were in a group of at least four other intelligent, pretty, intelligent people. You were never able to figure it out in the first place until you were forced to deal with it by being forced to come to terms with it. And its so strange, so incredibly bizarre, just how much the very core of you has been altered or so altered as to render your personality unrecognizable and unable to even function now. And so you do what any rational, well-adjusted person would do. You make sure everyone around you is well taken care of and well educated and well fed and have access to a variety of drugs. And then there are the sex drugs, but they arent really the drug category these days, are they. And the world runs in a far more pleasant way. Not a ton of changes, but a lot of changes. And thats when it occurs to you, and thats when you decide that youve been missing out on a lot. And thats when you finally start your ascent, and you start your path of enlightenment, and you reach a higher plane of existence. You see the truth and you see the beauty and you see the happiness and there is nothing else in the world that compares to those things. And youve been waiting for this moment for most of your life. And just like you thought, it didnt cost you anything. And you knew that there would have to be a period of adjustment before you would be able to truly evolve. A new world, new people, new ideas. You were going to have to take some time to figure all of that out. But you were also going to have to give it everything you had. And there was nothing else that could go wrong. You continueThe year was 2050, and you are a grown man. Your name is Jack Daniel, and after years upon years of trial and tribulation, youve managed to ascend to the position of the most revered genius on the planet. And the only thing the Universe can now offer you is a long.

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