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We offer you an extra purchase for every 15 people surprised at our lifestyle. We want you to feel safe and beautiful. We only make cosmetics, products as beautiful, free as your skin. So thats what you get for reading the above blurb. Now Im going to tell you why I love your company. Youre a large company, but you have a nice product line. When you first came on the scene, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not you stood out from your competition. The beauty products that are available from your competitors suck. The other products you cant even get in your country. I dont know what your price-points are, but I can tell you now, theyre not going to be cheap. If youre not selling cheap crap that you cant find anywhere else, what makes you so much better than the rest of the big box retailers. Its a shame youre not located in the US, because your customers are pretty much going to be better than any in the USA. The people you have there are pretty welcoming and helpful, and you get the feeling that you wont have a problem with them anywhere else. You stand out from the rest of the big box retailers thanks to your location and products. You have your unique location and you have the kind of skincare products that arent available from your competition anywhere else. You have an assortment of products that are a bit more unique than what you have in the USA, although you do have the usual drug store brands and theyre all pretty good quality. You cant be bothered to test all your products because your products are just so good. People appreciate your company for your products as much as your company for selling great products. You are more than just another drugstore brand. You really know how to cater to the special needs community. You even have a special product for the ladies that are into that. If you want to sell more products, you should really take some of your product lines, put them in the back of one of your convenience stores, throw some ads out there and see if people will be interested in what youre selling.

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