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You walk up to the front desk, which is manned by two shop assistants and a shop girl with a clipboard. Its almost impossible to make conversation with the shop girls here, so you just try to be as casual as possible and leave them to their jobs of taking orders from the customers. You dont speak much English, but you think you can get the gist of what to buy. After a few seconds you hear the bell on the door ring. The staff comes out, and you give your orders. The old lady speaks a bit too quickly, but manages to get the idea across. You ask about the pricesI want something like half of what it is now. This little incident doesnt do much to improve your mood, but it does cause you to think about how you can make your experience less of a headache in the future. I was under the impression it was the whole price of my order plus a flat rate for handling my order. You say, not knowing why the old lady seemed so surprised by this fact. She has a slightly more fluent speaking mouth than you have heard from any of the others, but its still clearly not your level. I mean, we were going to charge a flat rate for handling your order, but you didnt even leave that much room in your mind for that. You didnt realize the amount you were really going to end up paying. I mean, it is the case that you didnt pay for the food, but you didnt even want to pay for the room either. But you couldve charged more, and you didnt. We had a deal to charge less, so why were you so unreasonable.

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