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You have no idea what exactly this beauty junkie is, but she might be kind of helpful if you ever need it. You wonder, are you looking at any of the products or looking through her shop inventory. Written by Flamingo Mom You give the Shop a look-seeAs the black SUV slowly pulls into the driveway, the black SUV slowly pulls into the driveway. A couple of small black people emerge from the SUV, one of whom you recognize as a member of the Flamingo Mom gang. The guy says, We saw the news on the screen, and wanted to say Thank you for being the first to see this. I know who you are, You reply, Youre the man behind the Flamingo Mom gang. Yes, I am, The gang member says, What can I do for you. Ive heard theres a shop that sells all sorts of beauty products in the neighborhood, and Id like to see if they have anything that might suit my needs. The gang member says, I thought you were going to be a Flamingo Mom member, but I guess they didnt recognize you. You watch as the gang member leads you to a nearby store. You dont recognize most of the products, since the store didnt have an extensive display case. The gang member does, and he gives you little vignettes on all the products he can remember. You recognize a few of them, and he mentions that, while some of the products are no longer sold, he can tell you what he thinks they are worth. Im sorry I cant give you a more accurate price, since I honestly cant remember every single thing. Okay, you say – you really dont want to spend that much – Can I try one of these products. I mean, if Im right about it being worth something. Sure, the gang member says, Just give me a minute to set the price, okay. After a few minutes, the gang member comes back, and puts a price tag on one of the products youre eyeing up. You say, Now I can tell Im right about this. Ill come back and change more of them. Thats awesome, you reply, Ill show you out. You walk out of the parking lot, to the front yard of a house.

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