‘She’s petrified’ James Jordan calls for help after traumatic moment with daughter

James Jordan says he ‘doesn’t know anyone who can’t have jab’

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Ex-Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan, 43, has opened up about some trouble he has been having with his daughter, who turns two in a couple of weeks. The star took to Twitter to ask his 304, 500 followers for advice, and they happily obliged.


Former Strictly Come Dancing professionals James and Ola Jordan, 39, share one daughter together, Ella, who was born February 27, 2020.

Last night, James tweeted: “Hi guys, Anyone ever had a baby or child that every time you give them antibiotics whether on a spoon or syringe down the inside of their cheek they always throw up everything? (sic)

“Then petrified every time you try to give it to them?

“The whole thing’s a bit traumatic. Any suggestions?”

People flooded the comment section with support and suggestions, including former Strictly celebrity star Doctor Ranj Singh, who said: “Mix it with a bit of jam!”

James replied: “The yellow liquid with Jam? Thank you for replying.

“She yaks up EVERY time and now cries and panics as soon as she sees it.

“Would be easier to crush a tablet maybe into her yoghourt which she loves. Thanks again.” (sic)

Former Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner wrote: “My nan used to crush up medications and put them on a spoon with honey. As Mary Poppins says, A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! She was right.”

“Hope you’re well,” James responded with a red love heart emoji.

Claire Hollingsworth commented: “Ended up having tablet form for my son, ground up and mixed into a small spoon of ice cream or Angel Delight or something similar.”

With a prayer emoji, James replied: “Thank you. I will ask for tablet form tomorrow as this yellow stuff she can’t keep down at all HOWEVER we give it to her.”

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James also hit back at comments from people suggesting that he contact a GP in the morning, saying: “Asking for people that might have experienced the same.

“You don’t need to be a GP to have the correct answers and perhaps experienced it themselves PLUS people on here get back to you MUCH faster.” (sic)

Around an hour later, James sent out another tweet to his followers, writing: “Thank you to everyone that has taken time out of their day to give us some advice for Ella.    

“As first time parents we aren’t afraid to ask for advice and it doesn’t always mean it has to come from a health care professional like some think. Some people on here are very qualified.”

In a follow-up tweet this morning, James asked his followers for advice once more, writing: “Can someone please recommend a Paediatric Doctor for Ella.

“We live near West Malling in Kent. Ideally someone who specialises in Cardiology. Our doctor did recommend but they have retired. Many thanks again.” (sic)

Once again, people flooded the comment section with a mixture of responses, recommendations and support.

Husband and wife team James and Ola became a professional pair in 2000 and both competed in Strictly between 2006 and 2013, with Ola staying on for an additional two years.

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