Shell not ask a haughty dress; Carry all that …

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Ll be happy to know that the results are still positive. As you continue your search, you get a message from the internet. S no way you can be too careful. And I am sorry for not speaking your language. T wait to see what the internet is sending you. Ve already gone through this rigmarole of finding out how to create a language, you might as well do more fun stuff now. Ve just said you were bored and had a feeling the internet would help you, but it is kind of creepy that you had to go through this for nothing in the first place. Suddenly, you hear a noise and look through the window to see a small creature scurrying through the undergrowth. It looks almost exactly like a giant brown recluse. The thing jumps down on you and crawls underneath your blanket. Its eyes are bloodshot, its mouth seems wide open, and its legs look weak.

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