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ReviewsCalvin Klein Sheer Beauty Women EyesWet100ml WetEdtSpray500ml WetEdt SprayEdt. 2 reviewsView moreWhen youre out there and everyone elses looking for trouble, you look in the mirror and see the one person that everyone needs to look into the mirror. You look at yourself in the mirror and you see someone who needs to be stopped. You take one step, and the next one, before you stop at the top of the stairs. The man on the bed is not only on his feet but he is wearing a belt and is holding a pistol in his hand. He took you in after your mother passed away. You think that you were only eight or nine years old when you first saw him. He took you into his basement and made you watch TV every night so that you wouldnt cry in the middle of the night. You dont understand why Charlie did it. One night when your mother was working at the hardware store, she left you and your uncle Charlie in the basement. He came home and found you crying and when he tried to wake you up he found that your eyes and the rest of your face were swollen. He told you that he couldnt afford to care for you anymore and that your mother would want you to be taken care of. He left the basement with your two older sisters and you cried for hours. Years later you went back to visit him in jail. He greeted you warmly and said that he couldnt believe that you were actually there. You told him about your time in the basement and that your mother wasnt home. He told you that it was the first time in your short life that you had told him anything that you had actually done. He said that it was a pretty good story and that he wanted to see it again. Uncle Charlie asked you what your favorite movie was. He had it on video and the title of the movie was The Shawshank RedemptionUncle Charlie was a violent man. He was just there to take everything from you, and nothing was going to stop him from doing it. The only thing you could do is kill him. You go out into the yard and walk slowly towards him. You pull the triggerAnd then you feel the pain of your shot. Your right cheek is now a horrible bloody red.

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