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You continueThe discussion of the themes and motifs in She-Walks in Beauty goes on for quite a while, the next discussion is about the role of music in a film, and this is followed by the discussion of another film, this one being a musical, which itself is followed by the discussion of other films based on musicals, and so on. You decide to go with your normal routine of walking around, and you find the park is mostly deserted. In the end your walk takes you back to where you left the apartment building, where the bus will be waiting for you. You wait for a long time and begin to get anxious. Finally, your phone beeps, you have just missed the bus, so you have to use a different bus. All you need to do now is board it and get off at the right stop, so you send out a few SMS and check the time, its about time. You continue Then you begin walking again. You follow the street signs all the time, and as you walk you make a point of paying attention to the different parts of town, every now and then you try to imagine the city in your head. The journey is quite interesting, the bus never stops, it just drives on, but that doesnt make it too boring. Suddenly you see people sitting in two different places on the bus. The people are staring at you, some are laughing and whispering to each other, some arent, it depends on how much attention they have to give, in fact most of them arent paying you any attention, while some others are, and from your position it appears they are giving you the full attention. You can only guess that all of these people are watching the movie starring a certain someone in the movie, you are just too far away from the other people to observe any of this. Suddenly while you were concentrating on this, a little voice said Hes here, hes fucking here. And another little voice said Hes not here, hes fucking gone. And then another and another and then when they had finished speaking the bus stopped and all the people who were staring at you all left the bus. You stand up and try to remember where you parked your car, but its much too dark and your eyes are tired so you give up and continue on your way, as far from the city centre as you can. You dont really know any other way to get there.

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