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You, sat at a table in a pub, You, where a young woman, you, took a seat beside the table. You, was not even sure how to reply to the woman, you She was a beautiful woman You, tried to think how to reply and finally, you, thought about what you once thought about how to reply. You, wrote:I cant imagine what you are thinking. And if this thought, this little phrase, this little poetic dream, this little phrase, is all the wonder of her existence, then I will go and lie in a field and be happy. In a few months, the city will have its first all-inclusive, 24-hour grocery store, and it will open in the old Dunkin Donuts on the corner of South Congress and University. The new Grocery Outlet at University and Congress will sell freshly prepared food and canned and boxed goods. It will offer a large selection of packaged foods and produce in a wide array of bulk sizes. The store also has seating for up to 70 people. Theyre also the owners of a small but successful grocery store in San Antonio called the Shop n Save. Jeff and Marielle Wilske are looking for a few dozen volunteers to help open up the store this weekend. Itll be the first time anyone has ever opened a 24-hour grocery store on its own, and the first time anyones run an all-inclusive grocery store on the side. Its a great opportunity, said Marielle Wilske, who plans to volunteer at the store along with her daughter-in-law. One of the main reasons the store is opening this weekend is that Jeff Wilske is getting married in April. The Wilskes said the all-season store will allow the Wilskes to hold their wedding in one day. Its also part of a larger plan to expand out of the city and become a statewide resource, Jeffrey Wilske said. We want to expand to all the suburbs as well. When it opens, the Grocery Outlet will be located at the corner of Congress Avenue and South Congress. It will be the second all-inclusive grocery store on the University of Texas campus. The other Grocery Outlet store in town is on the East Side near the San Jacinto Monument and at the intersection of University Boulevard.

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