‘She came back crying’ Countryfiles Hamza Yassin left MP in tears on Channel 4 show

Sayeeda Warsi overwhelmed by walk through Scottish forest

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Presenter Hamza Yassin has spoken out after Baroness Sayeeda Warsi broke down crying when she took part in his wildlife show, Scotland: Escape to the Wilderness.

The Channel 4 programme sees Hamza, best known for appearances on Countryfile, This Morning and Animal Park, take four celebrities on an expedition across the Scottish Highlands.

Hamza took the House of Lords member on a “digital detox” in the Cairngorms National Park.

Opening up about her struggle to take time away from her busy schedule, Sayeeda confessed that she hadn’t had  chance to properly experience nature.

Whilst in the woodland, Hamza sent the politician off on her own to properly immerse herself in the surroundings.

Sat alone in the grass surrounded by trees, Sayeeda became visibly upset and pulled out a tissue to wipe away her tears.

When the former Conservative chairwoman returned after 40 minutes, she told Hamza she was surprised by her reaction and she felt “overwhelmed” by the experience.

When Hamza asked why she became so sad, Sayeeda replied: “I just stood up against a tree, and kind of laid back against it, and just had a sense of release… and stopping.

“Maybe politics means that you can never switch off. All you are looking at is problems and in politics, you are supposed to be the solution.

“I guess back there I thought, at what point do you just stop and say, ‘actually it’s about me’.”

In a new interview with Express.co.uk, Hamza reveals his reaction to Sayeeda’s emotional moment.

He said: “I realised that she hasn’t had this opportunity throughout her life.  

“And this is an MP, someone who goes into the House of Lords, someone who dictates what happens in our country, and she hasn’t had the time to enjoy nature.

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“In reality, I should be going in every week and taking someone from the House of Lords and saying, ‘right you’re next, come on let’s go’.”

The series featured a lot of self-reflection for the celebrities, which also included Death in Paradise’s Ben Miller, Doc Martin star Martin Clunes and Reverend Richard Coles.

When asked whether he believes nature can be used as a form of therapy, Hamza proclaimed: “Yeah, it’s meditation.

“In Escape to the Wilderness, you will see me and Ben Miller doing meditation.

“He is a very, very busy man and he has figured out that meditation is a way to calm himself down and refocus.”

After wrapping up the show, Hamza revealed he has exchanged numbers with Ben, Martin, Richard and Sayeeda and they are still in touch.

All episodes of Scotland: Escape to the Wilderness are available to watch on 4od.

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