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Pesterlog TG: so what is it like to work here. S not an office like those other ones. GG: I mean the ones you mentioned earlier. TG: shitTG: guess that explains why i dunno what its like to be out on the surfaceTG: i mean its not like im out there in the middle of nowhere like the last timeTG: theres literally no damn roads around here and nobody to talk toGG: Well, I suppose youre just used to the isolation. GG: Its also possible that you just arent used to people at all. TG: yeah like that makes any sort of senseTG: i mean all the times ive seen you talking to people around here youve been so busy being like an alien lizard god or some shitGG: Oh. TG: yeah well like i said its not like youve been around to keep track of the worst of timesGG: The worst. TG: yeah the worst was always around the next hill or in the cave over thereGG: Wait, where are we talking about. TG: in that stupid broken down cabin where the guy killed himselfGG: Umm, what about it. TG: um yeah where was it againTG: oh that stupid cave over by the town called the cave that was supposed to be hauntedGG: The cave. GG: Yeah that cave where the guy jumped out a window to his death. He was so depressed over his broken engagement that he hung himself. TG: oh yeah the cave over there that was really scaryGG: The guy was a nutcase and you were too scared to go in it. TG: yeahTG: i remember how scary it wasGG: So when did you two meet. TG: oh well it was a pretty big coincidence tooTG: you were at that party the guy was throwing after he diedTG: i went up to your friend dirk when she was dancing and was like hey you know i like your moves and all that shitTG: and then after i was done dancing with her i was.

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