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Thats probably the question youre hearing the most in response to the poll. Yes, but you can veto at any time. If you dont want us to do it then yes you can say no, no one is forcing you to vote for it or anything. Just be aware a lot of us were in the movie that you see, if you dont like it, dont watch it, we hear some of the actors might not be the best, but we think theyre all really nice and we dont want any trouble over this. Its not like were trying to get famous here. The girls face looks disappointed, like this isnt what she hoped for as she turns away. You ask her againSo, which film do you want us to watch. The girl doesnt come back to the kitchen even though you try knocking on the door several times. You call out several times and still no answer. You call out a few times on your cellphone but with no answer. Your friends are disappointed in you, youre disappointed in them, and this situation is starting to get out of control. You dont know how much time has passed, but its getting difficult to remain composed. Im calling your bluff, you know. You could stop this right now and we could all watch all the movies you want to watch, but you could also veto any I come up with, so were putting everything we have into this. You start to tell them to just come to you if they still dont want to participate and they tell you to stop. Do you want to go back to sleep. I dont want to have to be talking to you in the middle of the night like this. You stand up to head back to the bedroom. You walk out of the room with a sigh and turn on the TV and turn on the bathroom. After turning the TV off you get out of your pajamas. You look at your phone again, and realize you havent even checked it in a few hours. The movie marathon is starting soon and youre going to have to figure something out fast, otherwise its going to be a long day of work tomorrow with no sleep. You start texting and calling friends to get them all together and go someplace or another while you attempt to think up a plan. You try to think things outI want to go to a place called The Wild West.

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