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Were all over us, it was not even a fight, said one man who had a gun held to his head by the attackers. She, the mother, was calling us terrorists and said there are four of you, another said. The attack on the Germanwings flight in Barcelona last week was carried out by a man called Samy Amimour who had been under surveillance by the French after he was discovered trying to bring a firearm onto a flight in 2009. French authorities were so concerned that Amimour, a French citizen of Algerian origin, was allegedly planning a terrorist attack on a plane that he was placed under special surveillance. According to French intelligence, Amimour, 29, had been in contact with a wanted terrorist in Syria and had even purchased bullets. However, he was able to fly to Spain, where his identity papers had been used to board a flight. It is likely that this man is the suspect or even an accomplice of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, French judicial sources were quoted as saying. Amimour was the first person to have a red flag raised about him following the incident. French police had been monitoring him since 2009 but, because of his low priority, they did not take any action. He was only stopped earlier this year when the authorities found he was attempting to travel to Syria. Authorities in Spain were concerned that he was planning to join the Islamic State and alerted the French. However, French authorities reportedly told the Spanish to go ahead with his arrest. The Spanish authorities then handed him over to the French. Amimour was allowed to return to France and was due in court this week to face charges. Amimour was also said to have links to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January and the attack on a Jewish supermarket in January. His father, a Syrian national, was arrested in Syria and he had a brother in the area being looked after by the family. Amimour was allowed to return to France and was expected in court this week to face charges.

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