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And while some of the pictures may be tasteless, and a few are simply in poor taste, in general what we see is a few celebrities getting some serious lip service as they show off their best and sexyiest swimwear. And yes, I know a lot of the celebrities in the pictures have had plastic surgery to their bodies, so some of the photos, especially the ones of Jennifer Lopez, may be a bit off-putting for some, but the main thing here is these are not photos of celebrities as they actually look, this is just a celebration of the best shots of celebrities in sexy swimsuits; if they cant look good in a swimsuit, I guess they arent cut out for being famous, which is a bit of a shame. Now then let us have some fun with the photos. You go back to the partyWell this is still a party for the party people. After you have spent some time with the other party-goers, you decide to head back home. You think about your life as you wait for the rest of the bus to get off your block. And then you look out and see the party at the end of your street. You are sitting on the lawn in the backyard with your three friends drinking coffee and eating biscuits. All of you have been playing for quite sometime now, and it is time to get down to business. You have just settled on when to play when your Dad comes out of the house; he has been sitting on the deck drinking tea all day. Its Sunday afternoon, and I bet youve got a few more band rehearsals.

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