Several celebrities live with HIV or AIDS, and some have died of …

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In other news, the world is in a shitstorm, the world is on the verge of a new Dark Age, and the world is at the verge of complete collapse. You ask the world how to get out of this mess. You grab the rifle from under the table, and stand beside her. S a friend of a friend of mine, we met during a party when I first moved in here. S not just my personal life you should concern yourself with, and even if it was, I have every expectation that the issue would be resolved by now. T know why you should listen to her, especially after you were so quick to believe in her. M not going to say anything else and you can take your concern or curiosity to the grave with you. M not sure what to make of all of this all of a sudden. S been weeks since I moved in here. Ve been trying to figure things out so far in this place while trying to fit in. M getting fucked by a big scary man in my backyard.

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