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The last week has been spent on the island, doing much more than just training. You have also been interacting with more people than ever before. Some of them are complete strangers, and some of them are close friends you have known for years. As I said, you have been preparing for the big day. I want you to go buy some flowers for your parents, and then make some food for everyone. You ask for helpYou are very tired, and in need of a little help to get prepared for the big day. You need to get all the flowers you can from the other flowers you have seen on the island. You need to make food for everyone and to have them get some rest. You need to find a place to sleep too. You also need to go check out the nearest hospital or some place that can help you. You think about it for a bit, then you decide it. You quickly head back to the carnival, and head back to where your parents are. When you arrive at the carnival your parents are both very surprised to see you. You also notice there is a rather large man lurking around out front. T even want to think about what could be in the area. You knock on the door and wait a moment for them to answer. S about time you guys got ready. They both let you in and you sit down at the table and take a deep breath and settle in for what is going to be an eventful evening. Hey you ready to get this party started. S the closest you see her to talk to you.

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