Serena Williams was raised a Jehovahs Witness and still practices today…

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T actually hit Serena, you have to admit, it feels good. Ve got a little boost of confidence for your upcoming date with Peter. S apartment and notice his date is already there. You know right away that you know each other. S fairly new to the reality television industry. He just wants to be with you and make you happy. S going back to bed, but that you can stay if you want to. He then puts his arm around you and smiles. T reply, but you can feel your heart beating a bit faster. You look at him, and then at her, and then back at him. You hug him long and long and he responds the same way he did. You stay like that for a long time before he eventually breaks the hug and looks at you with a slightly pained expression. Peter says and then turns his back on you.

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