Selena Gomez on getting older: When I was younger, I was scared of it

Selena Gomez is turning 30 this year. That shocks me. Not for any reason other than she’s just been on my radar for so long, I can’t believe she’s still in her 20s. But I started watching her on Wizards of Waverly Place when my kids were watching it, so yeah, I’m the one who needs to catch up. Anyway, 30 is a pretty big milestone. It’s probably a huge one for a woman in Hollywood, especially a former child star. But Selena told her Hotel Transylvania: Transformania co-star Andy Samberg that she’s really excited to enter her 30s. That’s a switch for Selena who admitted that when she was younger, she was afraid of growing older.

Selena Gomez’s 30th birthday is still six months away, but the star is already looking forward to the milestone.

In a joint interview with her Hotel Transylvania: Transformania costar Andy Samberg featured in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday, Gomez — whose birthday is on July 22 — opened up about how “excited” she is about stepping into a new decade.

“I love growing up,” Gomez said. “When I was younger, I was scared of it, and I thought by now my life would look so different. But now I’m like, ‘Wow, this is not what I ever expected, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.’ I’ve stopped caring about what people have to say, and that’s been wonderful.”

After a decade of voicing Count Dracula’s vampire daughter Mavis in the franchise, Gomez said it feels “bittersweet” to have to say goodbye.

“I’m a little sad,” she said. “But we’ve had a great time. I was 20 when we did the first film, and now I’m about to be 30, so it’s pretty wild. A lot has changed for me in a lot of good ways.”

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I’m happy Selena is at this point in time to embrace her 30s. I couldn’t wait to grow up so approaching my 30s and 40s didn’t worry me. Which is a good thing because those decades are amazing. But I know it’s not the same for everyone. My husband had, not a fear per se, but trepidation about getting older. He’s found peace with aging as he’s established himself, much like Selena. (Coincidently, he is also a July Leo. I’m not saying that’s a factor, but I’m not saying it’s not a factor.)

Given her health issues, Selena’s 30th birthday was not a guarantee. So I’ll bet she’s welcoming each decade as the gift it is. We all should. Plus she’s branching out. She took a leap with her series, Only Murders in the Building. She making new music, her latest Latin pop album earned her her first Grammy nomination. No wonder Selena is looking forward to the next decade, it feels like she’s finally living it on her terms and not under someone else’s thumb. Or maybe it’s because she’s dating Chris Evans?

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