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You stay with the othersAs you get closer and closer, a voice from one of the surrounding hills draws your attention. The voice is deep and resonant, and you swear you can almost smell the old earth and dust there. A smile slowly spreads across your face as a grin quickly follows. You turn around and sprint forward, as you hear the sound of a rifle behind you. You quickly turn around and run back, only to turn around again at the sound of a shotgun going off. Your body begins to feel cold as you see the dead bodies of several people. You stop, turning around in a daze to see the remaining man with a shotgun. One of the infected is already beginning to advance upon you, but you raise your shotgun and shoot it in the head. More infected are now creeping closer to the group, but the man shoots them in the eye before they even realize what is happening. You hide in the back and escapeYou stand up slowly, taking it slow as you try to crawl forward. It takes a few moments, but it seems to go better this time. By the time you crawl to the back, you are far enough out of range for the shotgun to safely hit. As you crawl forward through the front, you see a man get hit. He falls to the ground, and you look back at the group of people still milling about to see if it was enough. You quickly duck back as they return fire, and you hear more shots fired off in the distance. You crawl forward and crouch behind a car, waiting for more shots to be fired off. You hear a couple of them, before you hear the crackling of a firecracker. A few moments later, another one explodes, before more explosions occur, causing you to jump from your hiding spot. Several buildings start to catch fire, your only hopes being the ones in the back of a police vehicle and some of the houses in the distance which you manage to crawl behind. While you crawl, you listen in on the radio. It still bears little resemblance to the one you used to listen to: there are far too many advertisements. A few more steps, and you are on the other side of the street, looking down on the town from atop a tank. You quickly make your way down onto the street, still trying to keep your distance from the town. Just before you reach it, you feel the sound of machine gun fire. It sounds far enough away that you arent bothered by it, but it isnt far enough away that you arent going to run the risk of being hit. You quickly run as fast as you can behind a building, hoping for the best. Just as you are about to reach the other side of the street, you hear the rumble of a huge truck driving down the road. As you look up, you see a huge.

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